Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Jumping and shopping

 Ni hao!

 After our Closing Ceremony, Marvi, Sarah, April and I went to record some footage of us talking in front of the main library building for a video Sarah was making. The afternoon sun was so beautiful.

 I then wanted a photo of us all and Sarah said, "We have to do jumping photos!" So behold, a selection of the many jumping photos we took in front of the library on that lovely afternoon.

 Sarah, April and I then went shopping - our very last trip to the Students' Supermarket. I'd become quite attached to that place - I'd been there so often for water and other supplies such as cereal, yoghurt and chocolate. 

 It was quite a nice shop, and it was always lovely to step in from the cold for a quick shop in the warmth.

Exotic crisps

Exotic oreos 
(birthday cake flavour oreos are the best that I've tried in China; they're like normal oreos but with hundreds and thousands in the cream)

3+2: those that I tried were really nice; sweet and savoury in one biscuit!

The shop

As you can see they sell clothes too

These fruit kebabs are a very popular snack in Beijing; you see people selling them everywhere

Bike and phone box

 After our visit to the Students' Supermarket, Sarah, April and decided to get some bubble waffles from a street seller; they were delicious and it was really interesting to see them being made in front of us.

Gangnam Style!

Bubble waffle!

The lovely April and Sarah

 Overall, with the Closing Ceremony and then spending time with friends, my final afternoon in China was very special.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

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