Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Great Wall of China

 Ni hao!

 We had all been looking forward to New Year's Day when we would be visiting the Great Wall of China. We set off by coach in the afternoon.

 I brought some cereal to eat for my lunch on the way: I had recently discovered cereal on sale in the Students' Supermarket and it was nice, although slightly different in taste to the cereal I'm used to - slightly sweeter, I think.

 We drove into the mountains and the scenery was lovely; also, it was striking how fast the landscape changed once we got out of the city, from busy and metropolitan to wild and sparse and rugged and beautiful.

 Here are some of my photos of the Great Wall excursion  some are of the Wall itself and some were taken from the Wall looking down into the valley. Enjoy!


The lovely April

 I bought a lovely wall hanging of the Chinese Zodiac at a little shop at the base of the Wall, then we went back in the coach to BNU, very cold but so happy to have seen one of the most incredible structures in the world.

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  1. I am the student of archeology and i was reading about the pyramid and then i find the China wall. Whenever people will talk about the China they will also talk about the wall because without this pyramid Chinese culture is not complete. the great wall of china