Friday, 29 March 2013

The Legend of Kung-Fu

 Ni hao!

 After I got back from Olympic Park a group of us set off for the Red Theatre to see the Legend of Kung-Fu. It was a brilliant performance and marked a sort of milestone for me in that I actively went to a spectacle that may have included loud bangs or pyrotechnics, which is a huge phobia of mine.

 However, it got to the point where I thought: am I really going to let my fear stop me doing something I really want to do? And the answer was no. So I went, and there was some loud drumming, but no sudden bangs. I was glad I went and I felt a real sense of achievement for doing so.

 Here are some photos.

 The Red Theatre

Before the show

After the show

Chun Yi, the protagonist, in the middle

 When I got back to the apartments, the moon was amazing.

 Just beautiful.

 I spent that night working on our economics presentations with Ana and co and it was nice to spend time with such lovely people.

 Overall, a really wonderful day.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

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